ABS Sensor Video

The ABS sensor, also known as a wheel speed sensor is part of the Anti-lock Brake System. It’s located in the wheel hub and monitors the wheel speed on your car, SUV, or truck. This sensor works together with the electronic control module (ECM) to keep your wheels from locking up during braking. Ignoring a faulty ABS sensor will cause bigger problems with the electronic control module (ECM) and a more complex and costly repair to the Anti-lock braking system might need to happen. The ABS sensor and anti-lock braking system is essential to the safe braking of your vehicle. If the ABS system has failed, your vehicle may not brake as the manufacturer intended. If you have an illuminated ABS light on your dashboard, or if your brakes are not behaving normally, call KC Auto Solutions in Independence at 816-252-1366, or schedule an appointment online.